Intelligent operator with separate control unit housing

True innovation for garage doors

The new SOMMER pro+ is the innovative follow-up to the successful duo vision concept: The separate control unit housing provides even greater flexibility and more convenience.
Sommer operator pro+ with separate control unit housing

Universal and individual:

  • Flexible installation as requested

    There are three alternatives for installation of the separate control unit housing
  • Existing sockets can be used

    Other sockets and elaborate electrical work is not necessary
  • One operator for all uses

    Can be used for sectional doors, overhead doors, swing doors, canopy doors, side hinged doors, side-sectional doors and sliding doors
  • gear-spearing technology

    for long-lasting life-time and little wearout
  • galvanized, nickel plated chain

    no friction loss by revolving track, no need for retightening or oiling the track
  • energy saving: < 1 watt in standby mode

    only 0,8W in standby mode, that's round about 1,80€ energy cost per year
  • high self-locking force, active closing function and counter pressure on burglary attempt

All in one.

In a single box.

With the SOMMER pro+, you get a universal, ready-to-use complete package. The preassembled ceiling-mounted operator can be combined with any type of door.
Sommer operator pro+ with separate control unit housing
Mounting options for Sommer operator pro+ with separate control unit housing
Mounting options for Sommer operator pro+ with separate control unit housing
Mounting options for Sommer operator pro+ with separate control unit housing

An operator like no other.

It's yours.

The SOMMER pro+ brings together our most advanced garage door control technology with the flexibility of a separate control unit housing. There are three different options for mounting the housing separately (front, rear or on the ceiling), meaning that you can take advantage of your existing power outlets and choose a custom location for maximum convenience – turning our operator into your very own unit.

Intelligent control technology

  • Automated teach-in process

    Self-learning force curve with continuous adjustment, e.g. summer/winter mode
  • Optimized speed profiles

    For quick opening and safe closing
  • Standard-compliant operation

    Fully customizable with a force measurement device
  • Automatic door travel calibration

    Through direct input of measured operating forces
  • Preselectable door types

    Using a DIP switch
  • Active braking for moving doors

  • Countless setting and querying options

    With the SOMlink service module
  • Soft start/stop for longer gear life

  • SOMlink

    Service information and versatile settings options
  • Automatic end position detection during door CLOSED programming

    Closing pressure can be individually adapted to structural conditions
  • Four radio channels with assigned functions

    CH 1 = pulse sequence
    CH 2 = partial opening / light function
    CH 3 = defined OPEN
    CH 4 = defined CLOSED
  • Secure wireless communication

    With 128-bit AES encryption
  • Coded, copy-protected product software

  • Proven safety

    TÜV Nord Geprüfte Sicherheit
  • Consistent operating forces

    Einhaltung der Betriebskräfte
  • Bi-directional SOMloq2 radio system

  • CE mark


All technical details are available here as a PDF for download.

Plug and Play

Thanks to its modular system design, you can expand the SOMMER pro+ with a host of different accessories. Slots are color-coded and also clearly labelled for incredibly easy installation of all accessory parts.


Locking magnet mechanically blocks the motor in any position up to an attack force of 300 kg (660 lbs) to enhance existing break-in protection.


Senses the temperature and air humidity in your garage. If necessary, the carriage automatically opens the door a slight distance to maintain ideal air circulation. Once the optimal value has been reached, the door is closed, reducing the risk of mold formation.


Used to expand available memory to 450 hand-held transmitter commands. During service work, saved data can easily be transferred to a new carriage.

Lumi pro+

Additional LED lighting for the roof control. Switched in parallel with the lighting in the carriage, this feature can be easily turned on and off from a hand-held transmitter using the light function.

Alarm/Warning buzzer

Two different functions in one product: If the Hall sensor in the motor detects a break-in attempt, the alarm buzzer emits a loud signal as an alert. The warning buzzer, on the other hand, sounds an audible signal during the closing process.

Parking position laser

Provides visual assistance to help you perfectly position vehicles in your garage. The laser is active during the opening process and the set duration of the light.


Additional relay for additional switching of a garage or courtyard light.


Uses a passive infrared sensor to detect the invisible thermal radiation of moving bodies (humans/animals, etc.) and reacts to them. The operator lighting (additional lighting/relay) switches on automatically for safe movement when the garage is entered.


Assumes the power supply of the operator for > 5 door cycles in the event of a power failure.

SOMMER worldwide

35 years of experience 

Made in Germany.

Made in Germany

SOMMER and its subsidiaries and partners in Europe, America and Asia offer you everything from a single source. All of our hardware and software development work takes place in-house and features superior quality and innovative technology "Made in Germany".

Innovativ durch Forschung



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